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Like A Butterfly
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Like A Butterfly

Published December 20, 2010

Like a butterfly
I want to fly
I want to flap and spread my wings
From branch to branch
From flower to flower

Like a butterfly
I am tender and fragile
I am the promise of the future
Whose life is now bleak

In the streets of the city
Children vanish
In the homes
Children are abused and killed
In the schools
Children are beaten and molested
By those they trust

Like a butterfly
With wings cut
I cannot fly
I cannot not flap and spread my wings
From flower to flower

I stand chained
My dreams and aspirations
Long lost
My future

Like a butterfly
Wings without
I cry for freedom
Freedom from child labour
Freedom from sexual exploitation
Freedom from discrimination

Like a butterfly
A beautiful butterfly
With wings outstretched
With wings flapping
I will fly away
Displaying my beautiful colours
To all and sundry
I know I will
I am the hope of the child
I am the butterfly
The beautiful butterfly
With beautiful colours.

Like A Butterfly – Jack Shaka

EXIF data:

Aperture: f/5.6
Exposure: 1/100
ISO: 200
Focal length: 85mm
Camera: Canon EOS 500D
Date: 2010:11:19 09:49:35

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